Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


Adobe Digital Editions is a free application that enables you to download, read, organize, and transfer digital content that you have purchased online. Additionally, it is required to read any of our DRM-protected eBooks. 

Make sure you have the appropriate program installed on your computer or device for the eBook format you've chosen. Free programs are available to read eBooks in any format available through the HFS Digital Library. Refer to the eBook Formats and Software Guide tabs in the user menu for more information. If you have purchased a copy-protected eBook, you may need to download Adobe Digital Editions to read it and download it to your other devices.

Yes. The Barnes and Noble Nook can read PDF and ePub files natively. DRM-protected eBooks can be uploaded to your Nook using Adobe Digital Editions

Possibly, but there are some limitations on file format. The primary format for eBooks on the Kindle is the MOBI format; MOBI files should be readable on this device.

It's also possible to read PDF eBooks without DRM protection on your Kindle. Our software guide in the user menu has instructions on how to download these files to your Kindle.

At this time, the Kindle cannot read ePub files.

The best file type depends mainly on the type of device(s) you intend to use to read your eBook and your own reading preferences. Refer to the eBook Formats tab in the user menu for more details about the PDF, ePub, and MOBI formats, which are the three formats available from publishers using the HFS Digital Library.

Yes. You can read them on your computer or download them to a compatible eBook reader. See our Hardware Guide in the user menu for more details. You may also need to download Adobe Digital Editions to read copy-protected items offline.


The publisher's website will have more information about the formats available for their eBook titles. Visit for more information.

The choice to make a title available to customers as an eBook is at the sole discretion of our client publishers.  Books available through the HFS Digital Library are available for purchase directly from the publisher's website. Visit for more information.

In addition, some of our publishers may sell their titles as eBooks through one or more third-party eBook vendors. Try searching for the title on the Google eBookstore, the Barnes and Noble Nook Store, the Amazon Kindle Store, and others.

Please e-mail for all technical-related questions. A representative will respond to your question within 24 hours.

A charge will immediately appear on your bank statement under the name "Hopkins Fulfillment Services/HFS" for the purchase of your e-books. If you also purchased print books, you will be billed for those when the books ship from the warehouse. 

Click on the "User Login" link to the left to get to the login screen. If this is your first time logging in, enter the username and password e-mailed to you by HFS after you completed your eBook purchase, then click the "Log In" button. (Your username will usually be your e-mail address.) You'll be asked to change your password after you log in successfully.

Click on the Edit link at the top of the page. You can enter a new password on this screen. Enter the password a second time in the Confirm Password field, then scroll to the bottom and click Save.

You can order a print copy online from the publisher's website (see our Client List), from your favorite bookstore or online retailer, or by calling HFS at 1-800-537-5487.

eBook Formats

eBook Formats

The eBooks in your HFS Digital Library may be downloadable in any of three file formats: PDF, ePub, or MOBI. You select this format when you purchase the eBook from the publisher's website. The eBook format you choose must be compatible with your computer, handheld device, or eReader.  Free software is available for nearly all computers and handheld devices that will read all three of these formats. If you intend to read your eBook on a dedicated eReader--such as an Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, Sony Reader, or Kobo eReader Touch--you should check that your device supports the eBook format you select.

PDF eBooks are readable on most computers and handheld devices using Adobe Reader. Some operating systems and browsers are also able to read PDF files without Adobe Reader using built-in tools. PDF eBooks are more similar to printed books than ePub and Mobi files are: the text of the book is "set" in a fixed layout on the page. This makes PDF a good format for larger screens, such as computers or tablets, but less ideal for smaller screens, such as smartphones or eReaders.

ePub files, unlike PDFs, are "reflowable" eBooks. This means that the text of the book is not in a fixed layout on the page; instead, the text can wrap and resize to be readable on many different screens. ePub files are compatible with most dedicated eReaders, with the notable exception of the Amazon Kindle.  

Mobi is the file format best suited for the Amazon Kindle. Amazon offers free Kindle apps for most platforms (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and others) that are capable of reading Mobi files.

eBooks With DRM

Some PDF and ePub eBooks sold by HFS are copy-protected and must be downloaded and read using Adobe Digital Editions or software that is compatible with Adobe DRM. These books have the following restrictions to prevent the content from being posted or shared:

  • The provided link may be used on 6 different devices at different times. This link is accessible from the original email.
  • Access may be restricted to use by a single consumer with authentication through an Adobe ID.
  • The downloaded file may not be transferred to a different device.
  • The eBook may not be shared with another user.
  • The eBook file may not be copied.

For more information on Adobe Digital Editions and DRM compatibility, follow these links:

Kindle users will not be able to read files with DRM on a Kindle device. PDF and Mobi files that are DRM-free can be loaded onto some Kindle devices. Information about using Kindle devices to read documents not purchased on Amazon can be found on Amazon's support website.

To read an ePub or PDF on an iOS device (e.g. iPhone, iPad) you may want to download the Bluefire Reader app. For more information on eReader software, read our section on eBook Formats or MobileRead Wiki's eBook software list.

Please note that some of our eBook titles may have territory restrictions that prevent a customer from purchasing an eBook in certain areas.

About Us

Welcome to the Sheridan Publishing eBook store. We are pleased to offer our full catalog of books for your enjoyment on electronic reading devices. You can use our site to discover, browse and purchase ebooks. The eBooks that you purchase can be accessed at any time and viewed on all of the most popular eBook readers and mobile devices. We are constantly adding to our catalog, sign up here to get on our mailing list.

Sheridan Publishing is a privately held company based in Chelsea Michigan. Our titles are the best there are in the market and by reading them you will become infinitely more intelligent. When you want a book, think Sheridan Publishing first!

Happy reading,
Sheridan Publishing

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Contact Us

HFS provides customer support by e-mail and phone. You can e-mail us or call 1-800-537-5487 for assistance. Our office is open M–F, 8:30 AM–7:00 PM EST.

eBook purchases are non-refundable and non-returnable. Please note that some of our eBook titles may have territory restrictions that prevent a customer from purchasing an eBook in certain areas.

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